It's time for the youth to set Europe's agenda

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Young people are the driving force which shapes tomorrow’s society. Therefore it is curcial to integrate and include the youth generations into the processes of society building, politics, decision finding and participative democracy. They should be given an active role in these fields! YEM doesn’t only address young individuals, but also whole youth organisations and it supplies a platform to cooperate for both, individuals and organisations to collaborate on an international level.


Europe faces various challenges and changes nowadays. These challenges are to be encountered by European solutions. Just like a family home is built up safer, quicker and better by working teams and different skilled crafts men, than it could ever be built by a single person, the crises and problems of our time are to be solved together. For this reason YEM aims to become a platform for young people and youth organisations on an international level, to cooperate and shape a better, deeper and sustainable Europe.


Everytime motivated people gather and join their forces, something incredible happens. The power of their vision increases and together they are capable to change the future. Are you enthusiastic and do you want to change things? Are you unsatisfied, but not willed to give up just like that? Do you have ideas and suggestions for a better Europe shaped from young people for young people and prepared to engage for them? Welcome on board!

Many countries – one vision

We, the Young European Movement Austria (JEB), are a pro-European, young and dynamic organisation that is striving for a united Europe. We believe that only if the young people are working together we can be stronger and achieve much more. Mutual understanding, appreciation and treating each other with respect are the way to build bridges throughout Europe.

“The Youth is Europe’s future, thus it is our task to shape this content for the good of all people.“Patrik Bruschek, Co-Founder